Proof of Delivery: Post-Delivery Visibility for Supply Chain Logistics


Proof of Delivery & Process Automation

How can you prove that your shipment has been received?

The use of specialist 3PL/4PL logistics partners can bring valuable advantages in terms of cost-effective geographical coverage or the expert handling of items that require special care. 

However, getting prompt proofs of delivery (POD) can become a particular challenge when multiple logistics partners or complex multi-hop delivery journeys are involved. 

These problems are compounded when large columes of paperwork are involved or where not all links in the chain have invested in the appropriate technologies.

Without a properly automated order processing system, timely delivery confirmation can often only be achieved through unproductive manual intervention - making KPIs hard to measure or enforce. 

Time for a fresh approach

A growing number of leading brands have turned to OmPrompt Customer Automation Management and process automation to dramatically and sustainably improve their proof of delivery processes. 

OmPrompt Proof of Delivery gives them visibility over what is happening at every stage in the logistics supply. Allowing them to reduce costs, increase revenues and improve customer satisfaction.