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Supply Chain & Logistics

Logistics teams within the operational supply chain are forever trying to balance supply and demand – matching the incoming stock with production, and ensuring outgoing stock is delivered on time. In the middle of this are departmental level objectives, such as reducing overall stock levels. Our automation solutions for Logistics are focused on visibility and speed. Automated proof of delivery speeds up your processing time, and integration with your third party transport providers brings visibility so you can optimise your schedule to save shipping costs. We’re bringing Digitisation and Automation to Logistics departments within the Operational Supply Chain.

3 Simple Steps to a Digitised Supply Chain


Data Capture Automation

Automatically capture and digitise any unstructured and structured data from any source in any format, including web portals, spreadsheets, SMS, IM, EDI, PDF, Email and Fax eliminating manual data entry.


Business Process Automation

Automatically apply intelligent business rules to automate the end-to-end business process. Take control and get accurate business documents into any ERP. Collaborate easily with trading partners and share complete and accurate business information in the correct format.


Business Process Monitoring

Automatically monitor the end-to-end business process across your operational supply chain. Go beyond your ERP and use information from outside the enterprise to gain true end-to-end multi-party multi-enterprise process visibility. Identify operational events and manage their resolution.

Typical Documents Digitised

Advanced Shipment Notices

Proof of Delivery

Goods Receipt Notes

Transport Orders

Inventory Movements

Information on Delivery

Logistics Claims

Bill of Lading

Warehouse Orders

Typical Processes Automated

Transport Orders

Automate your transport orders process irrespective of the data formats, validation and compliance steps, technical capabilities or demands of each logistics partner. Capture, process and share logistics documents including load tenders, slot bookings, advanced shipping notifications and delivery updates. Apply rules to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of information flows and get complete end-to-end multi-enterprise visibility of your process.

Delivery Status

Automate the capture of delivery information including carriers delivery status updates (IOD), proof of deliveries (POD) and customers goods receipt information (ePOD/GRN). Automate irrespective of the data formats, validation and compliance steps, technical capabilities or demands of each party involved. Collaborate and share delivery information with your customers, logistic partners and internal teams. Automate the identification of delivery events and provide near real time end to end visibility on the status of each delivery from point of shipment through to point of receipt.

Claims & Returns

Automate your claims and returns process irrespective of the data formats, validation and compliance steps. Automatically capture and process debit notes and other claim triggers and validate, index and categorise them against master data and related business documents, including ASNs and PODs, before submission to your ERP or claims application. Analyse claims and returns data and get insights and identify trends. 

Typical Events Monitored

Product Availability

Fulfilment Schedules


Customer Disputes