Agile Order Management.
One Platform.

OmPrompt’s Order Management Platform enables suppliers to easily manage inbound and outbound customer, supplier, co-packer and 3PL transactional processes. Via the cloud, global supply chain organisations can standardise, simplify and govern operational processes without negatively impacting customers.

B2B customer experience expectations are changing rapidly. Suppliers can now quickly meet evolving customer needs in order processing, fulfilment and settlement processes and get much more value from the data being created and shared than they could otherwise today.

The platforms’ core capabilities address the diversity of different trading profiles, document formats, communication methods and business process complexities found in modern supply chains. Flexible integration options are designed to suit all system environments and help businesses maximise existing investments.

The platform can process any inbound supply chain business document, in any format, from any trading partner and generate any outbound business document or notification, in any format, to any trading partner.

It provides fully integrated EDI connectivity, non-EDI data extraction, ecommerce, process automation and process visibility and control capabilities. Operational teams can see, manage and track all inbound and outbound documents and communications in one place.

The platforms’ advanced rules engine, machine learning algorithms and exception monitoring capabilities allows business processes and operational knowledge to be digitised. Order management teams can pivot away from manually interpreting, validating and keying data and towards management by exception and creating even more value for customers and the business.

"With this Platform customer service can tell buyers what's going on with orders. No other system does this."

Logistics Process Manager