The Platform

OmPrompt’s Sentient Cloud Platform provides connectivity, automation, visibility and control solutions across multi-enterprise order management processes. 

The platform is designed to capture and work with both structured and unstructured data and to use that data in intelligent ways. It enables clients to achieve proactive order management across multi-enterprise demand and supply processes; order processing, fulfillment and settlement.

The platform’s capabilities enables clients to automate with impact, connect to customers and suppliers and improve OTIF, DSO, cost reduction and customer experience.

"With this Platform customer service can tell buyers what's going on with orders. No other system does this."

Logistics Process Manager


The OmPrompt Sentient Supply Chain Platform

  • Meets you where you stand to help meet digital mandates
  • Leverages existing systems, people and processes
  • Sees and captures 100% of required data from any source
  • Organizes and standardizes all data into a neutral schema
“This is a dozen screens compiled into one…allows me to readily and easily see in my system all the info outside of SAP. Everything until I have cash in the bank.”

Finance and Supply Chain Lead


The OmPrompt Sentient Supply Chain Platform

  • Converts unstructured and structured data into the right formats
  • Apply flexible rules to standardize exceptions management
  • Offers control across systems, enterprises and geographies
  • Leverage “Smart AI” by combining artificial and human intelligence
“Customer service can recount to buyers what’s going on in their orders. No other system does this.”

Finance and Supply Chain Lead


The OmPrompt Sentient Supply Chain Platform

  • Saves large fixed and variable costs with a self-learning platform that pays for itself in months
  • Increases shelf-life of existing systems and IT investments
  • Connects front and back offices to seamlessly drive OTIF
  • Drives key outcomes for customers, supply chain, and finance
“The financials were clear – I was going to be able to save $1M right off the bat.”

Logistics Process Manager

How it Works….

The platform leverages multiple technologies and automation tools – from EDI, OCR and RPA to natural language processing, machine learning and cognitive computing. It also works with current people and systems – e.g. our inclusive, end-to-end solution even accommodates trading partners’ technology and processes.

Our platform continually learns what data matters and how your current processing works (and should work).

Extract data from any source, transaction or document

Extract all structured and unstructured data to identify patterns and inform various processes across order management.

Normalize and contextualize data to see information relationships

Algorithms normalize and contextualize all data, introducing human oversight at critical touch points while otherwise freeing up resources.

Consolidate and clean data in a neutral Supply Chain Schema

Store standardized data in a flexible rules engine within a neutral Supply Chain Schema, configured to your business, for use with data moving in and out of other systems, including your ERP.

Make your supply chain more sentient

The platform learns where and why exceptions occur and proactively enables your people and systems to reduce those exceptions. It also delivers predictive analytics to solve OTIF issues before they grow.