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How OmPrompt Works: The Technology

OmPrompt’s Smart Automation and Monitoring Solutions work with you, to process your customers’ transactions whilst adhering to your system requirements. We automate the input (routing), extraction, validation, and exception management of documents and data across the supply chain. We extract data from any format (including EDI, web-forms, fax documents, email and any type of email attachment) to any other format and make the end-to-end document automation process smooth, accurate and fast.

How We Apply Our Technology


Most business documents that flow through our system have an element of complexity. This could be missing data, ambiguous content, or information that needs external validation. We use our technology to overcome these obstacles and extract data which is then passed through our system and processes.


Once we have extracted the data, our technology then normalises it so it can be referenced against a) the master data and b) business rules to ensure there are no problems with the transaction.


This is the final stage. Here the transaction is converted into the correct file format - .csv file, EDI transaction etc. The data is then sent directly to your system. If however, there is a discrepancy or the system has recognised a potential problem – for example, the data might not fit with a rule, or it may conflict with the master data, or the required delivery date for a product is not possible due to warehouse conflict then we use exception management to recognise the issue and who is responsible for fixing it.

How We Process Your Data


We normalise/extract all of your data formats with our adaptive multi-format technology.


We cleanse your transaction data against your customer master data.


We neutralise your data by applying intelligent business rules.


We sort through your data using our exception management process.

We Work with All ERP Systems

Your Enterprise Resource Planning is probably the central hub for all business data communications and activities. But for global businesses, there can be different versions of the same ERP, enterprise resource planning system (or even a different system altogether!). And even if you only run one – it still has to communicate with other systems in other businesses, too.