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Customer Automation Management & Process Automation

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Customer Automation Management & Process Automation

Here is a story of one of our customers. Back in 2012 next to none of their order process - reflecting 700,000 orders and $1B in European revenue - was automated. Every detail needed to be entered by hand. Business was growing, orders were increasing, but margins were tightening: so they couldn’t just throw people and money at the problem.

The business needed a way to improve the whole operation – in a way that did not require their customers to make any change in their procedures. The solution needed to be able to automate the entire process, whether the original order was received via fax, e mail or EDI.

They chose OmPrompt. Our Customer Automation & process automation solution allows this customer to deal with more than 90% of orders automatically, with only 9% requiring human intervention.

It also works for more than just orders, they’ve reduced:

  • Error rates
  • Labour costs
  • The pressure of constantly having to improve results with hard pressed resources
  • And they’ve freed up customer care and sales team members from repetitive data entry work, so that they can now build relationships with customers, resulting in happier customers, a more fulfilled work force and complete process excellence.