Video: Introducing OmPrompt Customer Automation Management

Introducing Customer Automation Management & (O2C) Order to Cash Automation by OmPrompt 

A perfect world for your customers

In a perfect world business would be simple; you’d have products, customers would order those products, you’d get paid, and the products would be delivered to the customers on time. But we don’t live in a perfect world, you’re more likely to have hundreds or even thousands of customers sending you orders using different formats using different processes and because most can’t do this in an automated way, like using EDI systems for example, you use people to enter these into your system by hand.

More control over millions of transactions

If only there was a way to give you more control over this manual world and reduce errors. There is! It’s called Customer Automation Management and it’s the way OmPrompt helps leading brands all over the world get their order-to-cash process running smoothly.

Benefits of OmPrompt’s Document Process Automation

Our Customer Automation Management solution goes between your customer and your systems. We deal with orders in any format, and we convert them, validate them and feed them directly into your Enterprise Resource Planning system. Your customer doesn’t need to change a thing and you get the efficient service you’ve wanted all along. You can set your staff loose on more rewarding and more productive tasks, as opposed to data entry, such as talking to your customers and getting to understand their needs, resulting in a higher level of satisfaction for your customers and your employees and potentially even higher returns.