Who We Are

As the pioneer of customer automation management, OmPrompt works with global manufacturers (and their associated brands) to optimise their order-to-cash transaction processes that require manual effort. OmPrompt processes transactions for major brands in fifty countries, on five continents.

We help our customers make sure transactions go through their systems seamlessly, so they can deliver a superior customer experience to the people who buy their goods.

Benefits of Customer Automation Management by OmPrompt

The benefits of using OmPrompt to automate your customer processes go beyond just saving time or reducing costs (although those are two of the benefits). Quite simply, by automating the manual processes involved in the O2C cycle we help our customers:

  • Let their people do what they’re good at doing - instead of processing paperwork or re-keying data
  • Reduce errors - instead of blaming inaccuracies on ‘human error’, we help prevent errors which can impact the flow of goods in your supply chain 
  • Reduce cycle times - as a consequence, getting goods from one end of the customer supply chain to the other can be quicker.
  • Give control - ultimately, having full visibility of the supply chain gives our customers control and the ability to be proactive, rather than reactive.

Can OmPrompt Help You With Your Supply Chain Process?

If you’re involved in producing lots of goods – and you deal with processing a lot of transactions (such as orders, GRNs, PODs, claims, remittance advice documents and invoices) from many different customers – you know that the customer is king.

However, the customer will also send you documents in a variety of formats. Historically, the way to make sure all the documents involved in the order to cash supply chain were processed properly relied entirely on people and their knowledge.

Even today, the more processes or documents there are, the more diverse the formats in which they are produced, and the faster they have to be processed, the more strain there is on businesses. Before customer automation management came along the only way to solve this problem was to throw people at it.

If you’re in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) or consumer packaged goods (CPG) market, or if you are a Medical Device or Pharmaceutical company, OmPrompt can help you: from before the moment the order is placed until the goods are paid for. Try our automated order processing system today and automate your O2C process now.